Career Objective: To apply my experience in art production workflow design and implementation, small team management, 3D environment modeling, VR and AR design, product visualization and traditional art to a career in 3D Environment Art, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Skills: VR and AR, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) systems, Mari, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Z-brush (intermediate), Pixologic Sculptress (intermediate), Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Unreal (intermediate), Unity (intermediate), Game Asset creation, Classic Artistic training encompassing design fundamentals, hand and eye coordination, working from real life and photographic reference, color theory, emulating specific artistic techniques and particular artists, taking reference photographs and sketches, speed drawing for animation, staying on model, traditional as well as digital artistic media including drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpting (modeling).


Mirar, Austin TX (2014 – present)
Art Lead, 3D Modeling and Texture Artist


  • Art Lead, 3D Modeler and 3D Texture Artist for Mirar, a company that specializes in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Product Visualization.
  • Designed, implemented, supervised and documented an art pipeline pushing CAD files through Maya and Max into Unreal for a VR project for a large oil and gas company and managed other artists and developers in this pipeline
  • Painted photo-realistic textures of high-end glasses for an virtual viewing application that can be downloaded at
  • Managed a small team of texture painters, reviewed and approved their work for submission
  • Trained new hires
  • Researched Mari version 2.6 for company use and developed dynamic templates for Mari 2.6
  • Explored and implemented ways to improve our pipeline

Kalani Games, Austin TX (2013 – 2014)
3D Environment Artist, 3D Character Artist

  • Lead artist and 3D modeler for Ai’s Adventure, a Temple-Run or Minion Run style game based off the book The Adventures of Ai
  • Lead artist and 3D modeler for Rube Works, a puzzle game based on the work of Rube Goldberg
  • Participated in design meetings and developed the art style of both games.
  • Modeling techniques include efficient Low Poly modeling, UV unwrapping, High Poly modeling, burning Normal and Ambient Occlusion renderings from High Poly models, and texturing
  • Painted textures such as diffuse, specular, bump, opacity, normal and illumination maps by working from gathered texture and detailed photographs or creating textures from scratch in Photoshop using noise filters, grunge brushes, Photoshop actions and traditional painting
  • Created original character models and reworked existing character artwork for both games

Entropy – Austin Community College Group Game Project, Austin TX (Summer 2012 – 2014)
Lead Artist for Entropy: an original student made side scrolling, bullet-hell game project

  • Collaborated with other passionate Artists, Animators, Game Designers and Programmers to create an exciting and visually inspiring bullet-hell game
  • Communicated with and organized the Art Team through personal, verbal and written skills and coordinated our efforts with those of the Design Team
  • Augmented Leadership skills and managed workflow, documentation and files by using online file sharing technology such as Flickr, Google Docs, and Box and delegated work load by assigning specialists while assuming overall responsibility
  • Gathered reference photography, artwork and game captures for reference library
  • Cooperated with other artists as well as working solo to envision a unique art style through original concept art, both pencil drawings and digital painting, based in recombined organic nature
  • Created environment art assets and game art characters and and took them from a rough sketches to polished assets of industry standards
  • Worked with Technical Artist to understand and exploit the strong points of the Unity game engine

Epic Mech Wars, Austin TX (2012)
Freelance 3D Environment Modeler and 2D Artist

  • Illustrated 2D game icons
  • Modeled 3D game assets

Brainfreeze Entertainment, Illinois (2012)
2D Color Artist and Illustrator

  • Painted color versions of Veggie Tales line art for children’s book
  • Created original concept and scene art for Super Book project pitch

“What Would Molydeux?” Island Rumble Team,  Austin TX (2012)
Game Artist

  • Participation in the March 30th International “What Would Molydeux?” Game Jam weekend
  • Adapted to multiple roles and needs including Game Designer, Concept Artist, 3D Environment Artist and Character Artist to create a working game in 48 hours

Legacy Lamps / SoCo Design, Frisco TX (2011 – 2013)
Product Designer

  • Designing original pieces of home furnishings or customizing existing designs to new specifications
  • Conceptualizing designs through traditional art skills such as sketching and painting in traditional and digital medias as well as exploratory modeling in 3Ds Max
  • Polishing final product designs through accurate and refined illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Photorealistic rendered and lighted 3D models in 3Ds Max

Freelance and Salaried Web Designer, Austin TX, Lebanon NH, Beverly MA (1997-2013)

  • Worked as a freelance web designer and graphic artist for a number of different clients
  • Worked full time for Burlington Coat Factory and Gateway Computers
  • Participated in design projects and teams of various sizes with exposure to end users and customers of very different needs and perceptions
  • Honed skills in Photoshop over 13 years as well as other web design skills and software including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress (CMS), Joomla (CMS), HTML, and CSS


Austin Community College, Austin, TX
Associate Game Art Specialization, 2012

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration in Painting, 1996

Activities: Art Liaison for the Fine Arts Booster Club at Founders Classical Academy in Leander TX

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