Table Lamp Design

Mock up of various lamps exploring material treatments in combination with certain silhouettes painted in Photoshop.




Entropy Video Game Concept Art

I worked on an independent video game project with other A.C.C. grads in which I was the art lead and main concept artist.  The game was being developed in Unity and is called Entropy. For an early level test CLICK HERE.

Item Icons for the game Epic Mech Wars

These are various item and spell icons created for the game Epic Mech Wars (  Icons appear at 75 pixels across but the original images are painted at 300 pixels as seen below.

Game Icons Painted in Photoshop

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Figure Drawings

Various figure drawings done using a figure sketching mobile app created for artists and animators trying to work on their anatomy.

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Dropship

Some Dropship concept sketching. A Dropship being a sci-fi VTOL aircraft that delivers ground forces into hot-zones typically from an orbiting spaceship.

Concept Art Sketch


Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Bird Farm

A curious fantasy concept for a “bird farm.” It is a giant wooden beehive structure with grids of nesting nooks on the inside for flocks of domesticated birds. The birds fly off to feast on the insects of the surrounding inhospitable karst terrain and in return provide eggs, droppings for fertilizer and the occasional meal.

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Brian Froud Influenced Sketches

These sketches came out of my head the night after reading to Aubrey from Brian Froud’s illustrated “The Goblin Companion.” Brian Froud is of course the concept artist behind the movies “Labyrinth” and “The Dark Crystal.”

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Water-world Rigs

Here are some sketches of deep sea floating rigs in a Sci-fi water-world setting. A “water-world” being a planet dominated by, or entirely covered by ocean. The rigs, giant buoys and other structures have become encrusted with scavenged material over time resulting in small towns and cities.

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Battle Mechs

Some Battle Mech concept art.  The multi-legged mechs are kind of interesting.

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