Drill Case – Creo CAD Design

Creo Parametric project where I had to design a new drill case for an existing motor, trigger assembly and battery.


Cell Phone Stand – Creo CAD Design

This is an original CAD design for a plastic injection molded Cell Phone Stand created and drawn in Creo Parametric.


Resistor Mounting Plate – SolidWorks CAD Design

Resistor Mounting Plate, Solid Works, CAD Drawing, Page 1

This is my final design for a SolidWorks project where I had to create a resistor mounting plate while taking optimal space and cooling requirements into consideration.


Browser Based 3D Medical Device Viewer

This is a browser based 3D medical device viewer built for Daavlin that I worked on. See the 3D viewer HERE.

CNC Milled Celtic Knotwork Plate

Here is the final project from my Introduction to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) class, a Celtic knotwork pattern designed in MasterCAM and milled on a HAAS CNC machine.

AutoCAD Capstone Projects

AutoCAD Mechanical and Architectural drafting examples.


VR Golf Putter Training Game

These are some putters created for a “serious” golf VR game, Pro Putt.

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Retopology for an AR, VR, MR Military Application

Original 500K Tris left, Retopologized 9K Tris right
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Architectural Visualization

Animation stills taken from an Architectural Visualization project.

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High Relief Globe with Ocean Basins

3D Arnold renders of the Earth with empty ocean basins and exaggerated topological relief.

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