Industrial Plant VR Tour

Art Lead, Art Pipeline Development and Management, 3D Environment Art

A major project I had the privilege of working on at Mirar was a virtual tour of an industrial plant we made for a large oil and gas company. The tour takes the user from a birds eye perspective of the entire plant, to the molecular scale for understand the refining process, and back to the human scale to power up a turbine, chill out in Antarctica, see the dark side of the Moon, launch a supertanker until finally the user jumps to outer space to spin the globe in their hands. The major hurdle in this project was turning the raw plant CAD files into finished assets for use in Unreal. The process I helped develop and oversee to facilitate this included heavy use of automated “Find and Replace” scripts to replace CAD objects with clean geometry, the creation and maintenance of different Level of Detail libraries for different classes of objects, a large amount of brute force hand remodeling and repeated rounds of troubleshooting. The process evolved over time and required extensive documentation and communication between me and the rest of the team. Sadly, as this was a private project, we currently don’t have permission to show the final VR sim online.

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