Entropy Video Game Concept Art

I worked on an independent video game project with other A.C.C. grads in which I was the art lead and main concept artist.  The game was being developed in Unity and is called Entropy. For an early level test CLICK HERE.

Entropy Video Game Modeling

Entropy is a video game created by a number of former students of Austin Community College in which I was the art lead and one of the modelers.  The game was developed in Unity and is called Entropy.  For an early level test CLICK HERE.

Item Icons for the game Epic Mech Wars

These are various item and spell icons created for the game Epic Mech Wars (https://www.facebook.com/EpicMechWars).  Icons appear at 75 pixels across but the original images are painted at 300 pixels as seen below.

Game Icons Painted in Photoshop

Low Poly Crate for the game Epic Mech Wars

This was a small animated environment asset that will appear in the game Epic Mech Wars (https://www.facebook.com/EpicMechWars).  It came in at 290 tris and has a simple 256×256 diffuse map on it.

Contaminated Power Station


This project is mid-way through.  The modeling on the ceiling crane controller’s chair is pretty much finished.  Also it has been unwrapped and a normal map and ambient occlusion map have been burned.  I have just started on the original textures, however.   I would like to try to create each texture from scratch in Photoshop with as little use of existing photographs as possible in order to improve my painting ability.  The tires were put in at a whim from a different project but I like them, they push the scene toward a cluttered debris strewn environment.  The lighting is still tentative, I may in fact be trying to create the entire scene in UDK, but I did finally get something of the blue radioactive glow coming from beneath the water that I was looking for.  All the background elements are still roughly modeled and textured but I will return them shortly now that the Chair is nearing completion and the control room and cab are starting to get fleshed out.

Low Poly with UV layout of Texture Maps

High Poly Clay Render with Isoline Display

“Keep The Beat” – Global Game Jam 2013

This was a fun little project I did some modeling and texturing for along with Finn Staber  and another Animator / Modeler for the Global Game Jam 2013 over the Jan. 28-30th weekend.  The theme was a “heart beat” so the idea is that we have a removed heart that you are trying to keep beating through various means.  Our current entry can be viewed here, http://unityguru.com/GameJam2013.html.  It is a bit rough and has no sound because we only had 48 hours to develop it.  We plan to polish it up a bit, add some more models, sound and functionality.  My work for the game consisted of taking the heart and finishing it, unwrapping the UVs, and painted on the textures (Dif, Spec, Normal).  I also created the red blood cell on the intro screen.

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Figure Drawings

Various figure drawings done using a figure sketching mobile app created for artists and animators trying to work on their anatomy.

Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Dropship

Some Dropship concept sketching. A Dropship being a sci-fi VTOL aircraft that delivers ground forces into hot-zones typically from an orbiting spaceship.

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