Sketchbook Pencil Drawings: Fantasy Bridges

The backdrop for this series of bridges is a fantasy setting where a race of builders have flourished in a centralized plateau, think of Tibet, at the crossroads of many civilizations. The plateau is dominated by steep ravines and valleys where most of the population lives farming ancestral cliff terraces and more recently engaging in trade. Their mortal enemy are not other nations but troops of cliff trolls, large semi-intelligent ape-like creatures who can scamper up cliff faces like spiders and who will eat anything they can get their hands on. For safety the Builders became experts at constructing fortified house bridges, as bridges provided a means of escape across the river gorges or even a place to attack from. As they civilized the land the bridges became avenues of artistic and religious expression. Their design incorporated architectural styling’s of the neighboring nations as well as their own explorations.

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