“Keep The Beat” – Global Game Jam 2013

This was a fun little project I did some modeling and texturing for along with Finn Staber  and another Animator / Modeler for the Global Game Jam 2013 over the Jan. 28-30th weekend.  The theme was a “heart beat” so the idea is that we have a removed heart that you are trying to keep beating through various means.  Our current entry can be viewed here, http://unityguru.com/GameJam2013.html.  It is a bit rough and has no sound because we only had 48 hours to develop it.  We plan to polish it up a bit, add some more models, sound and functionality.  My work for the game consisted of taking the heart and finishing it, unwrapping the UVs, and painted on the textures (Dif, Spec, Normal).  I also created the red blood cell on the intro screen.

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