Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Virtual Drive

CTRMA Expansion to 183 North Corridor public promotion. Art lead, art pipeline, modeling.

This was a Mirar contract I worked on in which we created a video for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and their 183 North Mobility Project. The proposed roadway expansion needed a short 8 minute film detailing the changes to be made to the existing roadways, the new toll and expressway system, and driver perspective scenes of portions of the route.

I started in the early part of the project doing research and development into how we would build out the many miles of to-scale roads based primarily on CAD blueprints. Once I figured out a successful workflow for turning the raw data into renderable roadways, we hired on a few more artists to help with the work load whom I oversaw and helped organize the project as it expanded. In addition to working with miles of spaghetti-like NURBs line and surfaces in Maya I also worked extensively on modeling the adjacent topology.

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