VR Golf Putter Training Game

These are some putters created for a “serious” golf VR game, Pro Putt.

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Retopology for an AR, VR, MR Military Application

Original 500K Tris left, Retopologized 9K Tris right
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Architectural Visualization

Animation stills taken from an Architectural Visualization project.

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High Relief Globe with Ocean Basins

3D Arnold renders of the Earth with empty ocean basins and exaggerated topological relief.

Freelance 3D Environment Art

Over the years I have done smaller freelance projects.

Henschel and Sea Fury models with PBR textures for a game.

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Blue Shoes – Product Visualization

High quality renders of blue shoes.

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Complex PBR Textures on Sunglasses

Experimenting with complex PBR based textures in Sketchfab.

Virtual Try-On Glasses App 2

While at Mirar I manged a team of texture artists to stock the broad catalog of assets for the Glasses.Com Virtual Try-On app.

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Escape from Ophir V

A derelict mining colony puzzle game.

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Industrial Plant VR Tour

Art Lead, Art Pipeline Development and Management, 3D Environment Art

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